Disruption is coming.


A colossal tidal wave of change is washing away the foundations of the modern industrial complex. Incumbents large and small are struggling to remain relevant in the face of disruption. It’s time to reimagine, redesign and rethink our future.

It's time to transform.

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Hi! I'm Greg Bennett.

Industrial Digital Transformation Expert.
Cloud & Innovation Strategist.
Ecosystem Developer.
Startup Founder & Mentor.


I deliver simple solutions
for complex transformation.


We can transform the world’s
most complex industries and enterprises.

it's time to get started.

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I founded AIRIA Cloud to transform industry and enterprise. 

The future is digital. The next step is cloud. At AIRIA, we accelerate transformation by helping leaders design and build their digital foundation in the cloud and solve problems at scale.

Transformation Roadmap

Set the destination.
Chart the course.
Take the first step. 

Hands-on Coaching

Transformation is complex.
Get expert advice when you need it.

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The expertise and tools
to build your foundation
in the cloud. 


I build platforms
that change everything.  

We can eliminate the impact of industry
on planet and people.

It starts with DATA.

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I founded ATHERIA to eliminate the impact of industry on planet and people.

We know that the future of industry is zero.
Our platform unlocks zero today with simple, scalable, intelligent software.

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Unlock the power of the 97% of your data that you don’t use.

Symbiot works with your current infrastructure.


Eliminate up to 40% of your industrial energy use with AI. 

Sentiot turns your data into real world efficiency. 

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Syndicate your data to access hundreds of powerful solutions.

Syndios makes new solutions possible.


I develop open ecosystems. 

Let's create a movement and unleash the power of
shared innovation and collective intelligence.

It starts when we come together. 

I founded and lead Atmosphere and GDG Cloud Calgary, because the future is not possible alone. Together, these communities represent over 500 leaders and developers, building the future together. 

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leaders like you.

We are Canada’s Enterprise Cloud Community.
We help leaders create open, community-built solutions that transform their business.

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build what's next.

We are Calgary's official Google developer community. We help developers build webscale solutions with Google Cloud.